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Wildlife-In-Focus is back – capture the beauty
of B.C.’s wildlife

Do you have any unique, awe-inspiring or candid wildlife photos to share? The top 52 People’s Choice photos will be featured on a deck of cards, and the judges picks will win prizes too. Plus every entry or vote helps animals at Wild ARC - tell your friends and family to share their wildlife photos, or vote for their favourites!

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Medical emergency – raccoon in a tangle
needs your help

This raccoon was found caught in fish netting, hanging from a 2nd floor deck. For 24 hours he fought to free himself and even with police assistance it took an hour to finally free him. His injuries are severe - he will need constant care, medical attention and regular feedings and cleanings to fully recover.

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Help for exotic animals is right at your fingertips

Most people would never seriously consider keeping a capuchin, serval or capybara as a pet. Yet few people have the same reservations about liking, sharing or following an exotic pet online. Sadly, regardless of how well they are cared for, having a social media presence can be harmful for exotic animals. Find out what simple steps you can take to help.

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How to help families of ducks and geese cross the street

This summer, watch out for families of ducks or geese in unusual locations or trying to cross busy streets. Learn how to assist our fuzzy friends and get them to safety, without risk to yourself or others.

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Victory! Your support results in legislative wins for wildlife

Canada’s new “Free Willy” law, Bill S-203, will end the keeping whales and dolphins in captivity. Also, updates to the Fisheries Act, Bill C-68, will stop Canada’s involvement in the cruel shark fin trade.

New laws

Handle with care - living with bats

Bats have an important pest control role in our ecosystem, but what if they get into our homes? You can help bats by finding a professional to humanely remove them from your home.

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Don’t feed the wildlife - new position statement

It may seem harmless to throw a little bit of food for birds or other animals, but this is bad for the animals and for conflicts with people. Read more in our new position statement.

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The British Columbia Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (BC SPCA) is a non-profit organization funded primarily by public donations. Our mission is to protect and enhance the quality of life for domestic, farm and wild animals in British Columbia. BC SPCA Charitable Registration No. BN 11881 9036 RR0001

On behalf of all the animals we care for and protect, thank you for your support.

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