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Co-existing with foxes in B.C.

Foxes are naturally wary of people, and will ignore or avoid people most of the time. However, foxes may become habituated to people if they are repeatedly attracted to scraps from garbage, compost and pet food, or if people intentionally feed them. Find out how you can protect foxes and prevent conflicts around your home and community.

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Wildlife photo contest winners announced

Thank you to everyone who helped raise $32,920 for patients in need at Wild ARC through the 2020 Wildlife-In-Focus contest. With so many amazing photos to choose from, the judge's choices were more difficult than ever. Chipmunks, owls and bears - oh my! Check out all the winning photos and honourable mentions.

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Curbing the wildlife trade to protect people and animals

The BC SPCA is concerned about the global wildlife trade and is part of a coalition in Canada working to stop the trade to address the spread of zoonotic diseases (disease transmitted from animals to humans), help prevent future pandemics and protect millions of wild animals worldwide from suffering. Learn more and sign the petition. 

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Keep owls and raptors safe from vehicles

As the days get shorter and daylight hours reduce, please use extra caution while driving. During fall there is an increase in raptors being injured by vehicles as they hunt in low light.

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Striking out at bird-window collisions 

From hummingbirds to owls, all birds are at risk from colliding with windows. They need our help to stay safe. Find out what you can do to prevent deadly bird collisions with windows.

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Wild animal welfare is important too

The factors from which wild animals suffer are diverse and just as severe and painful as they would be to pets. Human activity affects over 80% of the animals treated at Wild ARC. Help reduce this impact by learning about wildlife, animal welfare and co-existing with nature.

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Rodent-proofing your home in 4 simple steps

The most effective and humane way to solve rodent problems is by preventing the problem in the first place. Break the cycle of temporary fixes and returning unwelcomed guests. Learn how to rodent-proof your home using these 4 simple tips and tricks.

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The British Columbia Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (BC SPCA) is a non-profit organization funded primarily by public donations. Our mission is to protect and enhance the quality of life for domestic, farm and wild animals in British Columbia. BC SPCA Charitable Registration No. BN 11881 9036 RR0001

On behalf of all the animals we care for and protect, thank you for your support.

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