Fundraising for the BC SPCA - FAQs

How do I sign up?

Start your Champions for Animals fundraising page now by clicking on Register in the tool bar above!

Do I have to pay to host a fundraiser?

No, setting up a fundraising page online is free. We do encourage you to make a self-donation to your own page as this will mean your supporters are more likely to donate. Even a small donation can go a long way!

What is a Participant Centre?

Your Participant Centre is your online fundraising page. It provides useful tips and tools to help you maximize your fundraising efforts. You can send emails to friends and family asking for a donation, track your progress towards your fundraising goal and thank your supporters. We also provide you with a template for your online profile, but encourage you to personalize it and share why you are fundraising for the animals with others. Research shows that those who personalize their online profiles raise 22% more than those who do not!

How do I access my Participant Centre?

Enter your details on the top right corner of this page to log in now. Once you are logged in, you can click the Participant Centre link at the top right corner of your page to access the Centre at any time.

What should I do if I've forgotten my login ID and/or password?

If you don't remember the user name/and or password that you registered with, please click the login link and choose "Forgot User Name?" or "Forgot Password?"

How do I upload a picture or video to my personal page?

Once in your Participant Centre, click the PERSONAL PAGE tab. Click the Photos/Video link on the right to upload.

How long will it take for an online donation to be reflected in my amount raised total online?

Changes on your amount raised online total should be updated within 24 hours.

How do I spread the word about my campaign or event?

Over email, on Facebook or Twitter, at parties, and in the line at the grocery store: tell your friends and family about your campaign or event wherever you connect. Log in to your Participant Centre and start by sending emails asking others to contribute. You can also use the easy sharing options to publicize your fundraising page on social media.

How do my friends and family make donations to my campaign or event?

From the Champions for Animals homepage, friends and family can find a campaign or fundraiser by clicking “donate” at the top of the page. After entering your name, they will be directed to your personal fundraising page where they can donate using the yellow Donate Now button on the right side of your page. You can also invite your friends and family to make an online donation to your campaign or event by sending them an email from your Participant Centre. These emails will have a direct link to your personal fundraising page where they can contribute to your efforts.

Who do I contact if I have questions about using the site?

If you have questions, please contact You can also call us at any time at 1.800.665.1868.

My page disappeared - what happened?

If you cannot find your Champions page, please contact Your campaign or event may be deactivated by the BC SPCA, at its sole discretion, if the content contains any of the following elements: misinformation, spam, profanity, graphic imagery, photos depicting animal cruelty, personal attacks, promotion of violence, promotion of illegal or questionable activities, or rallying on behalf of people or organizations which support animal abuse. The BC SPCA will also deactivate pages that have been inactive for an extended period of time.

How do I change the fundraising goal that I have set?

Log in to your Participant Centre, and click on the change link under your goal. Your updated goal should be reflected on your page immediately.

I want to fundraise for the BC SPCA where do I start?

That's great news! Thank you for raising money for animals in need. Get started by registering your event and telling us about the wonderful things you have planned. We'll get back to you within 5-10 business days with the information you need to make your event a success!

How and where are my fundraising dollars spent?

Donations to your fundraising campaign or event will be directed, at your discretion, to the BC SPCA branch of your choice or the BC SPCA's areas of greatest need around the province. Donations to our areas of greatest need help fund the BC SPCA's animal welfare programs and services including: unexpected costs due to emergency rescue and care, health checks and medical treatment, cruelty investigations, advocacy, humane education, and of course, shelter and adoption services for homeless animals. To learn more about our governance structure or to view our audited financial statements, please visit the BC SPCA website.

Who are Champions for Animals?

Champions for Animals are proud animal lovers who raise money for the BC SPCA's work protecting and enhancing the quality of life for animals in B.C. You can participate in any way you want: from celebrating your birthday by asking for donations instead of gifts, to replacing wedding favors with donations, to collecting donations at your team's next softball game. We invite all Champions to enhance their fundraising by setting up an online fundraising page through our Champions for Animals website.

Can the BC SPCA promote my event?

Due to the number of Champions for Animals and our own events hosted by the BC SPCA, we unfortunately can't always assist in promoting your event. For more information, fill out the Register Your Event form for event approval and someone will be in touch to discuss the level of support we might be able to provide. Due to donor confidentiality rights we are unable to promote your event to our database.

Do you have promotional materials available for my event?

We are happy to provide you with informational brochures and BC SPCA posters for your event. Email us at and let us know how we can help!

Can a BC SPCA representative attend my event, and can the BC SPCA provide volunteers?

Due to the number of Champions for Animals events that take place throughout the year, we cannot make a commitment for BC SPCA staff or volunteers to attend events. To request staff attendance please register your event.

Can I use the BC SPCA's logo on marketing materials for my event?

What materials can the BC SPCA offer for my wedding?

Whether you have set up a Champions page to receive donations in lieu of wedding gifts or are making a donation on behalf of your guests (or both!), the BC SPCA is happy to provide you with the materials necessary to share your love of animals at your event. To receive customised letter and tent card templates, please get in touch with your BC SPCA contact or

What materials can the BC SPCA offer for my child's birthday party?

The BC SPCA has special ideas and printable materials for kids looking to help the animals through their birthday party. Please contact us on

How do I submit the funds I have collected and get tax receipts for my donors?

You raised funds for animals in need, now what? If you collected donations offline, send them with your donation form to: BC SPCA Champions for Animals: 1245 E 7th Ave. Vancouver, BC V5T 1R1. If you wish for these funds to be reflected on your online Champions for Animals fundraising page each gift must be accompanied by the donation form printed from your page and include your personal ID. These funds will benefit the Society's areas of greatest need around our province. If you prefer to donate to your local branch, include a note letting us know which BC SPCA branch you wish to support. Complete donor and gift information is required in order for the BC SPCA to issue an official tax receipt (see below).

All donations of $10 or more will automatically receive a tax receipt, provided full donor information is included. All supporters who donate online to your Champions page will automatically receive an emailed tax receipt. For donations made offline, tax receipts will be mailed or emailed. Processing times vary based upon date. Please be sure to provide contact details for all donors when submitting your donations.

What is tax receiptable and what isn't?

We are not able to issue an official income tax receipt for the purchase of tickets or auction items. Donations collected by the event organizer that are donated by the public are not eligible to be tax receipted in the name of the event organizer. For more Canada Revenue Agency tax guidelines please visit:

Can I choose where I want my donation to go?

Yes, when you register your event, please indicate whether you would like your funds directed to the BC SPCA's areas of greatest need across the province or to your local BC SPCA branch.

Can I get a photo taken with a BIG cheque?

We love the opportunity to thank our Champions in person and are happy to organize a cheque presentation at your local branch whenever possible. Please understand that due to limited staff resources this may not be possible in some regions. Contact and we will do our best to schedule a recognition photo in your area.

What should I do with cash donations?

Cash donations can be entered online by using a credit card and entering your supporters name and address for tax receipting purposes. Please do not send cash donations through the mail. Ask your cash donors to convert their contributions to personal cheques if possible or use their cash to make a credit card or money order donation in their name. Remember, the name and address entered with the gift must correspond with the original donor in order for them to receive a tax receipt.

Where do I send cheques and money orders?

Cheques should be made payable to the BC SPCA. In order to count towards your online fundraising campaign, you must send cheque donations with a printed copy of the offline donation form (available on your personal page). A separate offline donation form must be submitted for each donor. You may send cheque donations and completed offline donation forms to: BC SPCA Champions for Animals, 1245 E 7th Avenue Vancouver, BC V5T 1R1

Who acknowledges the donations? How do my contributors get tax receipts?

Everyone who donates online will receive an automated email from the BC SPCA with their official charitable tax receipt attached. Offline gifts will be receipted by mail or email, processing times vary. It is also a great idea for you to personally thank the friends and family who respond to your request for support. You can use the email tool in the Participant Centre to thank your donors Need help? No problem! Please contact us at or 1.800.665.1868. On behalf of the animals we serve, thank you for your support!

Need help?  No problem! Please contact us at or 1.800.665.1868. On behalf of the animals we serve, thank you for your support!