Involve your workplace

The workplace is the perfect place to throw a National Cupcake Day™ Party! Everyone loves a cupcake and National Cupcake Day™ can fit nicely into a morning or afternoon coffee break (or both if your cupcakes last that long!).

National Cupcake Day™ can be held on any day in December, January or February. Feel free to make National Cupcake Day™ a part of your casual Friday or another workplace celebration. Ask your company if they will match funds raised by their staff through your participation in this event. Even if they are unable to, you can still bake a difference for your local Humane Society or SPCA and host a Cupcake Day!

Tips to a successful National Cupcake Day™ Party at work:

  • Promote through your intranet and newsletter.
  • Plaster your corridors with posters supplied in your Host Kit or on our resources page.
  • On the day, decorate your staff room with National Cupcake Day™ balloons supplied in your Host Kit.
  • Host a raffle or auction with prizes donated by your company.
  • Have an old fashioned bake-off based on taste, creativity and skill.
  • Challenge another department or floor to see who can raise the most donations for the animals. The winner gets bragging rights!
  • Have different departments hold National Cupcake Days™ each week throughout the month of February.