Become a Sponsor

Becoming a Sponsor

We invite your company to join with animal lovers and bakers across Canada to make a lasting change in the lives of thousands of deserving animals.

Benefits of becoming a sponsor of National Cupcake Day™ for SPCAs & Humane Societies may include:

  • Highly visible brand placement on a national website
  • Collaboration on a comprehensive social media plan engaging participation across the country, including contests, baking tips and motivational stories of helping animals in need
  • Select national online advertising and product placement (if possible)
  • Creatively working with celebrity hosts to engage their fans and draw on their expertise
  • Collaboration on media-worthy cupcake events in stores and other public locations promoting the event
  • Brand placement on posters, postcards, balloons, buttons and other marketing materials to Cupcake Hosts across the country

Interested in learning more? Please contact:

Meredith Beitl, BC SPCA:, 1.800.665.1868